Whole Room Disinfection And Purification Solution – Infection Control And Prevention, Raising The Living Standard

Library UV Book Sterilizer

How to disinfect/sanitize books at home or in libraries? With the library book sanitizer machine to keep staff and patrons safe and during the pandemic


A comprehensive whole-room disinfection program to reduce HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infection) and generate revenue with Pulsed xenon disinfection system

Multiple iPad/UV Charging Station

Charge, Disinfection, Store, Secure and Data Sync up to 16-64 devices.  iPad, tablet, VR glasses and laptop charging cart for schools and classrooms. 8S safety.

UV Hepa Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier with HEPA filter and UV light. Up to 99.99% disinfection for 30-100m2 spaces. PM/Formaldehyde CADR is uo to 897/396 m³/h. low noise and large air circulation.