Library UV Book Sterilizer

How to disinfect/sanitize books at home or in libraries? With the library book sanitizer machine to keep staff and patrons safe and during the pandemic


A comprehensive whole-room disinfection program to reduce HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infection) and generate revenue with Pulsed xenon disinfection system

Multiple iPad/UV Charging Station

Charge, Disinfection, Store, Secure and Data Sync up to 16-64 devices.  iPad, tablet, VR glasses and laptop charging cart for schools and classrooms. 8S safety.

UV Hepa Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier with HEPA filter and UV light. Up to 99.99% disinfection for 30-100m2 spaces. PM/Formaldehyde CADR is uo to 897/396 m³/h. low noise and large air circulation.


How to disinfect books? If you’re school boards, universities, or public libraries that are concerned about libraries reopening, book circulations, and want to find an effective and cost-effective way to disinfect/clean books and paper materials during the pandemic, and better serve your patrons and keep your staff safe, then the book sterilizer is for you.

Self-service Library UV book sterilizer/sanitizer machine(CE certified) provides 4-13 books disinfection in 30 seconds. Over 99.9% efficiency and 100% safe. The book sterilizer can be used for the book cover and inner pages disinfection and removes dust with the internal high air pressure.

UV Charging Station – The iPad charging trolley is for Charge, Disinfection, Store, Secure and Data Sync up to 16-64 devices.

With USB or AC ports, the iPad charging station is available for iPad, tablets, VR glasses and laptop charging and disinfection for schools and classrooms. 8S safety design.

The Fastest Hospital surface and Air Disinfection Solution with Pulsed Xenon UV Disinfection System – Up to 5 meters of disinfection distance in only 5 minutes. Up to 99.99% efficiency. If you are healthcare institutions and hospitals that are worrying about the airborne virus and trying to reduce the HAIs to generate revenues and better protect your patients, then you should see how Alphatch’s whole room disinfection option can help you.

Portable pulsed xenon disinfection system/robot (CE Certified by SGS. ISO 13485 Certified), upper-room/space germicidal ultraviolet (UVGI) system for upper-space air disinfection ( 2.3 meters above the floor) and  High-intensity UV disinfection robots (Up to 1240W short-wavelength UV light irradiation. CE certified by SGS). For 360-degree disinfection.

It’s more than the air purifier. Whether you’re dealing with excess dust and allergens or are concerned about bacteria and viruses, then you should check what we can do for you with our True HEPA filter air purifier with UV light sanitizer.

Alphatch’s true HEPA air purifier with germicidal UV light(UV-C LEDs and UV-C lamps. Fully enclosed) is especially good for families with children and pets or classrooms where there’re crowds of students. We provide OEM service with 2 years warranty so that you can start your business.

Looking for a safe and effective disinfection option for your office buildings, hotels, schools, factories, and other public areas with Open and Large Spaces? Our dry-fogging disinfection robots and the electric ULV cold fogger machine are definitely designed for you. 

The dry fog disinfection robot and the electric ULV fogger machine are effective for are especially suitable for large area disinfection and can eliminate human errors.

Staying safe at home, hospital, library, and workplace!

Self-service UV Book Sterilizer And Library Book Sanitizer Machine

Self-service UV book sanitizer and library sterilization machine to enhance the hygiene of the library, increase books circulation and help library reopening.

  • Is it safe to go back to my local library?
  • Are library books safe from COVID-19?
  • Should I disinfect children’s books to prevent coronavirus disease?
  • How to disinfect old books or sterilize paper documents?
  • How to disinfect books at home?

With the one-touch button operation, the AHLD 401/501/601/13S UV book sterilizer can be used for 4-13 books disinfection in 30-60 seconds. Both the cover page and inner pages. Over 99.9% disinfection efficacy and 100% safe. Our AHLD-401 book sterilizer (For 4 books disinfection)with smaller in size, and the weight is only 45kg. The competitive price also makes it suitable for disinfecting books at home.

Main application: With information LCD, the book sterilizer can be used for disinfecting books, keyboards and other personal belongings. It’s used for Public Libraries, Universities and Schools Libraries,  Reception Area, Kindergartens and other application

Help Library Reopening – Disinfection, Book Circulation and Keep Staff and Customers Safe!

UV book sterilizer

Pulsed-Xenon Ultraviolet Room Disinfection Device

Whole Room Disinfection and Infection Control

A comprehensive way to improve and simplify the way we disinfect patient rooms and medical instruments. It will reduce HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) and generate revenues for hospitals and combat COVID-19 at large.

A safe and reliable Comprehensive Disinfection Solution to prevent and control infection rates and generate revenue for health facilities.

With portable xenon pulsed uv sterilization and upper-room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology, the Portable pulsed xenon uv disinfection robot and the upper-room UVGI system (For real-time disinfection) are available for high standard whole-room disinfection and reduce the HAIs (Hospital-acquired infections). Meanwhile, it can eliminate human error.

We can provide Pulsed Xenon Ultraviolet Room Disinfection equipment solutions for:

• Ward Disinfection
• Medical and Healthcare Equipment Disinfection
• Educational Institutions Disinfection
• Operating Room and ICU Disinfection
• Emergency Room and Fever Clinics Disinfection
• Infectious Diseases Department Disinfection

True HEPA Filter Air Purifier with UV light sanitizer

HEPA air purifier with UV-C technology to improve occupational health.Air purifier and air sterilizer with fully enclosed UV-C LEDs or UV-C lamps and HEPA (H13) filter for 360-degree air purification and sterilization to improve indoor air quality.

True hepa air purifier with germicidal uv light can remove 99.7 percent of the airborne particulate matter (PM) circulating in your home environment, which will lead to several immediate and long-term health benefits such as better sleep quality and increased life expectancy. With UV-C technology, air purifiers can not only be used for indoor air purification, but also for disinfection, and is harmless to human occupants.

• Air Purifier AP900 /AP350 – Fully-enclosed safe and efficient UV-C LEDs irradiation technology; 3 Stage Filtration and Purification System; Improved air flow tissues and humanized intelligent design.

• Air Sterilizer AS870/AS860 -High-efficiency Room air sterilizer for 360-degree Air circulation, purification and sterilization (Imported lysozyme filtration material + HEPA, H13 class + UVC Technology, short-wavelength 253.7 nm). Over 99.9% disinfection efficacy on H1N1, MERS, Measles, MRSA, tuberculosis, etc.

Best Portable Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter and UV Light

Air purification and sterilization - home

High-intensity UV-C Disinfection System

High-intensity UV-C disinfection system

High-intensity UVD Robots (Up to 1240W Irradiation) and Dry-Fogging Robot

The portability to sanitize wherever, whenever. Especially for large space areas air and surface disinfection. The high-intensity UV-C disinfection robots and the dry-fogging robots are effective disinfection ways to eliminate human error and prevent infection in public areas.

An easily transportable, UV-C robot that can be where you need it most when you need it most. With locking Omni wheels, long extension cords, daisy chain capability for simultaneous, multiple robot usage, multiple cooling vents and included safety accessories, the AHUV-R model is the optimal solution for numerous disinfection needs. The disinfection efficacy can be 99.99%, and can disinfect a 90㎡ room in 10min.

The dry-fogging disinfection robot is designed with spraying nozzles, HD Cameras for dual-light infrared thermal imager, and short wavelength UV lamps, AHUS-R dry-fogging disinfection robot is the only disinfection solution capable of locating and positioning itself in the room.

A single AHUS-R dry-fogging spraying robot can be used to disinfect 1500m³ areas.

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive environment disinfection solution for public, commercial, residential and industrial application.

Living Environment Care

We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of disinfection solutions and safe sanitizing equipment to improve human living environment and indoor air quality (IAQ).

Customer Demands care

We are dedicated to leveraging science and technology for the innovation of Pulsed Xenon UVD robots/chamber. Our disinfection solutions are derived from the research of the latest technology and evidence-based science.

Human Safety Care

With a mission to save lives and reduce suffering by eliminating pathogens and destroying deadly microorganisms that can cause HAIs. We are setting a higher standard in environmental disinfection solution


We have always attached great importance to medical quality, to improve the control and prevention of hospital infection. It’s our mission to provide a healthy and safe medical environment for our doctors and patients.

The coexistence of man and UV sterilization equipment makes the clean room and air possible. It helps to reduce infection rates. We’re glad we can do something to better protect our patients.

It’s quick. It’s effective. We’re so glad to have 2 PX-UV disinfection robots to finish the disinfection of the whole buildings in 3 days. They’re more than 600 rooms, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters. It takes much less time for building disinfection and beyond our expectations.

It’s good to have the PX-UV disinfection robot and the disinfection chamber first installed in our department. We don’t need to worry about the infection through the medical instruments now.

To better protect our students, we’ve installed 10 book sterilizers in our library recently. Up to 5 books can be put into the book sterilizer each time. We hope our students and readers enjoy the jobs we have done. Stay safe at school.

The library was closed for 1 month due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Now it’s reopening again. We hope the book sterilizer can better protect our readers’ health.

“The robots have relieved the pressure of our work. After completing the work, they find their ways to the charging pile to charge automatically”