AP350 air purifier with true HEPA

AP350 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter and UV Light

Model: AP350

HEPA air purifier with UV-C Technology – Fully enclosed UV-C lamp irradiation technology.

3 stage filtration and purification system, including primary filter, HEPA filter (H13) and an activated carbon filter with disinfection elements. 4 fan speed control with dual-side air intake for 360-degree air purification. Low noise with sleep mode, simple control by the touch panel or remote controller. PM 2.5 density and air quality indicator.

OEM & ODM service. CE and ETL certified.

  1. Fully-enclosed safe and efficient UV-C lamp irradiation technology
  2. Multiple Stage Filtration and Purification System
    Primary Filter: Durable and repeatable. It can effectively screen visible particles, such as hair, dust, dandruff.
    HEPA Filter: H13 Medical class HEPA filter captures 0.3μm or larger particles, such as PM2.5, smoke dust, pollen, bacteria, virus, and other airborne microorganisms. The multi-folded HEPA filter material with the most filtering surface, which can also effectively reduce the air resistance and for sufficient air circulation.
    Activated Carbon Filter with Disinfection Components:  High-efficiency activated carbon filter can be used to remove formaldehyde, TVOC, allergens, mites. It can effectively eliminate gaseous pollution and microbial pollution in the environment.
  3. Improve IAQ and Humanized Design
    Improved air flow tissue: Unique double side air intake for reasonable room air flow, PM CADR reaches at 350m3/h, for effective air purification and sterilization. 3 fan speeds adjustable setting for fast purification.
    Innovative Sleep Mode for Quiet Operation and Thoughtful Design: The sound noise level under the sleep model can be 35dB(A). When in sleep mode, the status light will be turned off so that it will not affect your sleep.
    Simple and Smart Control: Ease controlling by the touch panel or the remote controller. Optimum control is done in relation to air quality in smart operation mode.
    Status Indication: PM2.5 density (1-1), current operation mode & filter replacement information is displayed in the monitor. Air quality level (1-2. In relation to indoor PM2.5 concentration) 4-color digital display at the top, all at a glance, allowing you to control the air status at any time.
  1. Specification



Input (V/Hz)


Power (W)

56 W

Noise Level

35-61 dB(A)

Disinfection Element

UV-C Lamp

PM/Formaldehyde CADR

350 m³/h

Fan Speed


Control Type

Touch Panel + Remote Controller

Nominal Dimension (mm)

420 * 210 * 490 mm

Packaging Size (mm)

485 * 275 * 570 mm

Net/Gross Weight (kgs)

8.5 kg / 10.7 kg

PM 2.5 and Air Quality Display


Package Details

Outer Box & Inner Box

Application Areas (㎡)


Mobility with Wheels