How To Disinfect Papers From Covid 19

The Importance of Sanitizing Books and Paper Documents With the UV Sanitizing Machine

Is it possible to get a Coronavirus from the mail, packages, or contact? Should I disinfect my phone?

China said a Beijing man was infected with Omicron after he handled a document sent from Canada. The country is now disinfecting international packages and told citizens to order less overseas mail although Canada’s health minister called a claim that Omicron could be spread through mailextraordinary.

The document was found to have similar strains from those in North America and Singapore and the traces of the Omicron Variant were detected on the outer package, internal surface and papers of the mail.

Earlier that day, the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention said a man had been infected with Omicron after handling a 22-page document sent from Canada. Beijing’s CDC added that thepossibility of contracting the virus through foreign items cannot be ruled out.The document, officials said, was sent on January 7 and received on January 11.


The length of time for coronavirus can live on paper, such as mail, newspaper, varies. Some strains of coronavirus live for only a few minutes on paper, while others live for up to 5 أيام.

We are aware that some libraries have imposed a wait period (quarantine) before handling returned books, some requires 24 ل 90 hours quarantine time to reduce the risk of infection, while others have made it clear that no-one is expected to return books until things return to normal. More details can be read here: Key Resources for Libraries in responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic (IFMA )

There’re more studies from the New England Journal of Medicine.

SARS-CoV-2 was more stable on plastic and stainless steel than on copper and cardboard, and viable virus was detected up to 72 hours after application to these surfaces.

These might be underestimates. The virus may survive even longer on these surfaces, depending on conditions. That’s because these studies looked at how long the virus would survive when in a “buffer” (a solution in which viruses live in the lab). In real life, they would be in mucous and would be more stable.

And unlike plastic surfaces, cardboard is porous. That means a droplet would probably penetrate into the material and may not be so easily picked up when you touch the package.

According to CDC date the detection of the faint genetic signature of viruses (viral RNA) which had survived 17 days on surfaces in cruise ships. That doesn’t mean infectious virus particles were found after 17 days – only a part of the virus was detected in this study – but it does suggest there may be some cause for concern regarding how long this coronavirus can last on surfaces.

For more reports, you may refer to the article here: Coronavirus: how long does it take to get sick? How infectious is it? Will you always have a fever? COVID-19 basics explained

How to disinfect papers or paper documents?

How to sanitizer paper at home?

how to disinfect parcels?

China Post has also been reminding recipients of overseas mail to disinfect the contentsin a timely mannerwith stickers pasted on parcels.

Be sure to protect yourself during face-to-face handovers and wear masks and gloves; try to open the package outdoors.

Give it time (If you can). لكن, this might not be enough.

The fast and efficient way to disinfect paper documents or books using UV Book Sterilizer Machine

يعتبر مطهر الكتب بالأشعة فوق البنفسجية مثاليًا إذا كنت ترغب في حماية منزلك أو مكتبك من عدد كبير من الفيروسات والبكتيريا التي قد تتواجد على أسطح العناصر المستخدمة بشكل متكرر. تطهير 360 درجة من الأشعة فوق البنفسجية (253.7نانومتر) يضمن النظام حماية ممتلكاتك في جميع الأوقات. هذا مناسب بشكل خاص لتطهير الكتب في المنزل أو المكتبة, للأوراق أو المستندات الورقية, ورقة دفتر الملاحظات, للطرود أو الوثائق, العملة بالإضافة إلى تطهير معظم الأدوات المنزلية. يمكن الانتهاء من كل دورة تطهير 60 ثواني. ووقت التطهير قابل للتعديل.

As no heat is produced during the disinfection process, we use the physical UV-C disinfection only. No residue and no harm to the objects. The UV book sanitizing machine is suitable for laptop keyboard, laptop, ألعاب الأطفال (legos or wooded toys, bath toys, stuffed animals), cell phone or mobile, phone case disinfection.

Sleek design and modern user experience

  • زجاج مقسى مضاد للأشعة فوق البنفسجية: With fully enclosed UV-C lamps for 360-degree disinfection. No UV irradiation leak. And the disinfection process can be watched through the Anti-UV glass window.

It’s more than book surface disinfection. It can realize both the cover page and inner page disinfection, kill virus, بكتيريا, but also remove dust. Based on the latest testing report, the UV-C Solution will deactivate >99.97% of the human coronavirus (HCoV-229E) and H1N1 (زيادة 99%) without the use of chemicals.

  • Open-door protection: A safety door control mechanism ensures all functions cease if the door is opened
  • Password Protection: We’re the No.1 in the market to upgrade our book sterilizer with password protection to access the default settings control page. It will avoid any unauthorized changes and will help to expand the life-span of the device
  • Easy to Use: No installation. Plug-in and one-touch operation

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