Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal (UVGI) Air Disinfection (With Photocatalyst Technology)

نموذج: الشكل -1000

مع انعكاس المرآة الداخلية المبتكرة وتصميم العدسات ومصابيح UV-C المستوردة بالكامل لتحقيق أقصى قدر من إنتاج طاقة UV-C, يعتبر Alphatch AHUA-1000 فعالاً في وقف انتقال الأمراض المعدية المحمولة جواً.

يمكن للمعقم بالأشعة فوق البنفسجية لمبيد الجراثيم في الفضاء العلوي تحقيق تطهير الهواء الحقيقي للمنطقة العليا. يتم الحفاظ على الجزء السفلي من الغرفة خاليًا نسبيًا من الأشعة فوق البنفسجية, تقليل التعرض للأشخاص في الجزء السفلي من الغرفة. التعطيل في هذا السياق يعني فقدان القدرة على التكاثر وتكوين المستعمرات. غضون ذلك, بتغطية أكبر وتكلفة أقل.

Recommended Disinfection Area: 30㎡

The ultraviolet upper Irradiation air sterilizer realizes the true upper-layer flat-beam of ultraviolet light irradiation by internal mirror reflection and optical control with the original imported UV lamp. Through the use of the natural convection effect of indoor air with the machine air circulation system turned off, the infectious bacteria such as pulmonary tuberculosis bacteria floating and dispersed in the air will be quickly killed when they rise to the ultraviolet radiation area. Upper-room UV air disinfection There’s a built-in fan within the AHUA-1000 upper-room UVGI purifier. When the fan is turned on, air will be drawn into the UVGI purifier for purification and disinfection, then the treated air will be supplied to the room (Forced convection for air purification and recycling disinfection). The room air is constantly mixing (Nature convection) even without the assistance of HVAC ventilation or fans. Complete microbial inactivation occurs through the cumulative effect of exposure over time as infectious particles are carried repeatedly to the upper room. Each pass inactivates the infectious particles until their concentration in the lower part of the room is effectively diluted. Having said that, a mixing fan, it will increase the effectiveness of the UVGI system heavily. The more reasonable air convection, the higher performance. Kindly note, when in an infectious ward, forced recycling air is forbidden, the fan needs to be turned off.

What Makes the Upper-room Germicidal UV-C Systems for Air Disinfection Stands Out?

What makes Alphatch Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Air Disinfection different from a Conventional Upper-room germicidal UV-C system is that the conventional UVGI fixture ONLY adopts upper-space UV radiation sterilization. AHUA -1000 with higher and better sterilization performance.

1) TiO2 coating filtration system + Upper-space UV radiation sterilization + UV photocatalyst sterilization + Ionization air cleaning technology
2) High/Medium/Low forced air recycling, sterilization and purification, and Silent Nature Sterilization and purification
3) Time-setting function for auto disinfection. Can be used at the beginning and the end of the day, during occupied or for continuous 24-hour operation.
4) Infrared detection and UV auto-closing protection when reaching 2.1m height. Can keep working when the room is being occupied.
5) Start and stop timing settings and multi-modes available.

Main Features

  • Imported ultraviolet lamps, imported ultraviolet LEDs, and photocatalysts have a synergistic disinfection effect, reaching the standard in 10 minutes with high efficiency and thoroughness.
  • Internal specular reflection plus optical glass or lens realizes true upper-layer flat irradiation of ultraviolet light
  • The energy of a high-energy ozone-free ultraviolet lamp can reach 200uw/cm2 at one meter.
  • Imported Photocatalyst Technology for Disinfection, Sterilization and Odor Removal Multi-mode selection, upper horizontal irradiation disinfection, air circulation purification, photocatalyst disinfection and purification
  • Infrared induction, the system will automatically shut down the upper ultraviolet radiation when personnel height is over 2.1 meters
  • No ultraviolet light below 2.1 م, realizing man-machine coexistence.
  • Super quiet mode

upper-room UVGI FIXTURE

It’s more flexible and more powerful for a room with an area of 30m2.

Technical Parameters:

مدخل: AC 200-240V /50Hz, 140دبليو
مقاس: 330mm*230mm*925mm @ 18kgs
Working Condition: Temp. ≤50℃, RH≤85℃
Available for 30m2 room space, more powerful.
Wall hanging installation and wireless remote control.


Primary care examination rooms, treatment suites, dental offices, restrooms or veterinary exam areas. Surgical suites, customer waiting areas, as well as homeless shelters, jails and prisons.

 تطهير الهواء بالأشعة فوق البنفسجية في الغرفة العلوية (3)

 تطهير الهواء بالأشعة فوق البنفسجية في الغرفة العلوية (3)

 تطهير الهواء بالأشعة فوق البنفسجية في الغرفة العلوية (2)