Add one more item for daily disinfection – Book Disinfection

To write this article, I’ve surfed the internet randomly. Then I noticed this article: 15 Things You May Have Forgotten to Disinfect. While I agree with the copy-writer that he/she’s right, he/she may neglect something.  Book is everywhere in our daily life, and there’s a very high cycling participation rates in most countries, especially in schools and libraries. There’re many personal bookkeepers as well. Books are so common (just like we ride elevators every day. ) that they’re easily forgotten. We are caring about elevator air disinfection and button disinfection (with the elevator air purifier), I cannot see why we should pay more attention to book disinfection, cleaning and sanitizing. Of course, A UV book sanitizer will help.

How the book sterilizer will help you?

Book sterilizers that are specially designed for killing germs with UV-C lamps. Up to six regular-sized books can be sterilized at one time in each machine. It’s an easy and effective way to clean books and magazines with the touch of a button, especially for libraries with high circulation rates by different people. With cyclone automatic page-turning technology, book sterilizer machine is available for inner pages and book cover disinfection and clean.

Here’s more about the book disinfection sterilizer – Book Sterilizer and Advertising Machine

Besides the convectional book sanitizing machine, we have launched a new book sterilizer and advertising machine. With 9.7″ information display screen and the Anti-UV tempered glass, users can watch the real-time book disinfection status. The rate of disinfection can be 99.9% in 30 seconds. The information screen can be used to display book information, advertisement and news or advice for the public.

The UV book sterilizer is a new and helpful solution that allows your Library, School, Nursery or Airport to sterilizer and deodorize all kinds of personal belongings (cell phone, books, purse, etc.) and the advertising. However, no wet materials are available for disinfection.