With the pandemic of COVID-19, libraries are facing reopening issues. Book sterilizer has been playing an important role in infection control and prevention in libraries and schools. It’s especially useful in book cleaning and disinfection to protect readers and students safe. Also, the book sterilizer will help the staff out.

book sterilzer

AHLD-501 book sterilizer is disinfect books

So what is a book sterilizer and how to choose the right book sterilizers for your library?

Book sterilization, or book sanitizer machine, is a self-service book disinfection machine that can be used to disinfect book covers and inner pages (with blower fans) with UV-C radiation.  Next time, you can also search the library UV book sterilizer, that’s how a book sterilizer works. The high-pressure air will help to remove dust as well. Then the dust will be collected by electrostatic dust filters or other filters. Some library book sterilizers are supplied with fragrance to remove the peculiar smell as well. The disinfection time usually lasts 30-60 seconds, and the disinfection volume based on different models of book sterilizer. And the book sterilizer is a safe and eco-friendly way for book sterilization. It’s different from the conventional book cabinets, which usually use Ozone to disinfect books. And it takes long, roughly 30-60 minutes for book sterilization. However, it’s much more expensive than a conventional book cabinet.

The above is a brief description of book sterilizer, so how do I choose the right book sterilizer? Do I have to take extra time to learn different models of book sterilizer before I can do the purchasing? No, absolutely not.

As mentioned above, nearly all the book sterilizers are using UV-C radiation for books sterilization, the disinfection efficacy is almost the same. The number of UV-C lamps installed in the book sterilizer is usually based on the sterilization volume and the size of the book sterilizer. Almost all can reach 99.9% or at least higher than 99% efficiency. This makes the decision easier.

First: Decide how many books you are going to disinfect each machine at a time. If you’re boards of schools, or library owners/directors, then you may want to purchase a book sterilizer for more books sterilization each machine at a time. For example, 6 books disinfection each time. Besides AHLD-601 (For 6 books sterilization), Alphatch’s AHLD-501 book sterilizer can be upgraded for 8 books sterilization, but the price only increases a few. Also, it’s claimed the company will soon launch a large size book sterilizer for as many as 13 books sterilization each machine at a time. Also, the newly launched product will be supplied with a large LCD panel for information/ad display. Having said this, if you’re a personal user or have insufficient budgets, you can choose a small size book sterilizer for fewer books sterilization each time, such as 2 books sterilization.

Second: Once you’ve decided the volumes of disinfection you required, you can search on the internet by inputting “library book sterilizer”, “UV book sterilizer” or even “book sanitizer”, “China book sterilizer” or “UV sterilization machine for books” and etc. You can even search the brand of the book sterilizer you remember. However, I would suggest you search for more brands. Sometimes, there’s a surprise. For example, money-saving. I’m sure you will find a lot of book sterilizer suppliers and some paid ads as well. Almost all suppliers can provide you the product you need. The next step is to narrow your search by view their product page, photos, description, even online videos. After a comparison, there might be few left.

Third: Send inquiries or even you can chat online with their sales staff. Please do not mention the number of the book sterilizer you need as this will speed the quotation process. While most local suppliers can often offer you door to door shipping service, some international suppliers may not offer you door to door shipping. If you are lucky that the international supplier can offer you a door to door shipping service, then usually you will find the purchasing cost will be favorable than your local suppliers. The price difference will be extremely obvious for large orders as some Asia, especially China, supplier with great cost advantages. Once you’ve collected the quotations, you have a knowledge of the cost of the product. This is very important. In fact, if you only ask a quotation from one supplier, it’s highly possible the price you’ve got is not so competitive.

Fourth: Since you’ve got the price, it’s important to pay attention to other factors: Quality and Delivery time. When we’re discussing quality, we are talking about more than the workmanship, it includes testing reports from third parties as well. We can ask for their project references and installations, photos, warranty terms and etc. In fact, when you’ve received the quotation, you may have an idea to proceed with which company. It’s always a good option to choose a product with a moderate price and acceptable quality.

Last, the delivery time. Delivery time is as important as quality and price. Our customers usually will not wait too long. They paid the money and they want to receive the goods as soon as possible. When goods delayed, either the customers will cancel the order or we’ll receive claims from them. And we lose our reputation as well.

Since China is the first to recover from the pandemic, Alphatch can always assure our customers of fast delivery time (As short as 2-3 weeks). Alphatch strives to provide customers with moderate prices and high-quality products. Alphatch can provide door to door shipping service to save your energy and time as well.

Updates: We just received the H1N1 testing report for our AHLD-501 UV book sterilizer, the inactive rate is more than 99% within 60 seconds’ disinfection