Experiments have measured viable virus can exist for 24 hours on carboard surface. Books are considering as a possible method of contact infection during COVID. As schools and most libraries are open to the public, how to disinfect books during COVID to protect the students and readers has been a concern. In this piece, 2 types of book sterilizers will be introduced for the disinfection and sterilization of books.

What Is a Book Sterilizer?

Book sterilizer is a self-service disinfection machine that you can put books, regular magazines and personal belongings into it for surface or inner page disinfection. The book sterilizer machine usually designed with built-in UV-C lamps for ultraviolet light irradiation. The rate of book disinfection can be 99.9%. Most book sterilization machine is a 2 or 3 part design. The bottom part is called the machine room. The top 1 or 2 parts are book sanitizing room. For some book sterilizer, AHLD-501, the 2 book sanitizing rooms can be controlled independently. 3 books in the top room and 2 books in the middle room.

For AHLD-601S book sterilizer, although it’s a 3 part design, the top part is for advertising purposes. The 9.7″ information and advertising screen can be used to display book information or videos or advertise in one single device when it’s used for book sanitizing so that users can concentrate on the various information that plays.

book sterilzer

What’s the application of the book Sterilizer?

Book sterilizer machine is an effective way for book or personal belongings sterilization and informative information display. It can be used in libraries, reception areas, airports, schools and etc. The self-service sterilizer machine can help to increase the recycling of books while reducing the risk of contact infection.


Also good to know. (By UAB news)

Viable virus was detected for up to three days on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces. While on copper, no viable virus was measured after four hours.

While people are less likely to become infected by touching a contaminated surface than they are by being exposed to someone with the virus, it is important to practice preventive measures.