In this article, you will find what is a book sanitizer? And how Alphatch book sanitizer works.

AHLD book sanitizer/sterilizer is a combination of three rooms. The upper and lower sanitizing room and the bottom machine room. The case of the book sanitizer is made of Aluminum Alloy profile to make secondary-reflection for high-efficiency book sanitizing. Also, with modular design Aluminum cases, users can add value to the book sanitize by replacing any parts of the Aluminum case after long-time usage

Users can watch the whole sanitizing process through the Safe Anti-UV tempered glass doors. AHLD-501 book sanitizer can be used to sanitize 5 books at the same time. With 8 groups of UV-C lamps and the Aluminum secondary-reflection for a safe 360-degree book sanitizing.

There are Electrostatic dust filters and odor removal device installed in the machine room. During the sanitizing and with the help of air blower to remove the musty smell and odor of the book. During the sanitizing process, users can place book Freshener in the machine room as well

book sanitizer

book sanitizer can be used for 360-degree book cover and inner page sterilization

The sanitizing process is easy

1. Book sanitizer upper sterilization room book sterilization

1.1 Open the door of the upper sanitizing room, there’re 3 bookshelves
Divide the book into 2 same parts, hang the books on the shelves
1.2 Close the door
1.3 Press the start button on the left hand of the operation panel.
1.4 Once finished, open the door and take the books out

2. 1. Book sanitizer lower sterilization room book sterilization

2.1 Open the door of the lower sanitizing room
2.2 There are 2 bookshelves
2.3 Divide books into 2 parts and fixed the books
2.4 Then close the door
2.5 Press the Start button on the right hand of the operation panel to start sanitizing
2.6 Once finished, open the door and take the books out

Note: The 2 sanitizing rooms can be used for book sanitizing at the same time or for independently sanitizing

Book sanitizer open door protection

The power of the book sanitizer will be automatically cut off and the UV-C lamps will be turned off to avoid any UV radiation when the door is improper/suddenly open.

No wet materials can be put in the book sterilizer for sterilization.

UV book sterilizer

The book sterilizer can be personalized to be branded with your library or school names.