COVID-19 epidemic has been changing our life. More than ever, people around the world are caring more about elevator air quality than ever. Whether for office building, residential building, commercial buildings and facilities, engineers are finding any possible ways for elevator air purification and disinfection for a clean room climate to protect passengers from exposure from the COVID-19 and future viruses.

In this post, we will introduce 3 types of air purifier for elevator air disinfection and purification.

• ALAP-F/N elevator air purifier for recycling air purification and disinfection
• ALCP elevator cab purifier for cab cleaning and air disinfection and purification (No fresh air)
• ALCF UV/HEPA fan to replace old fans without disinfection function

ALAP-F/N elevator air purifier

Installed on the elevator car top, ALAP-F/N elevator air disinfection purifier can be installed independently or work with an elevator car air conditioner. The ALSP-F cab air purifier can be installed where the car cross-flow fan originally installed.

With the nano-TiO 2 photocatalysis coated filter and the UV-C lamps, the ALAP elevator air disinfection purifier is effective to clean bacteria, viruses, aerosol, dust, TVOC for pure uncontaminated air in the cabin. The ALAP-F elevator air purifier can be controlled independently. It can keep working when the car is running. Wiring to the elevator air conditioner, the ALAP-N air purifier is designed without the built-in fan. It can only work with the elevator.

The lift air purifier is designed for recycling air disinfection and sterilization, and always keep the elevator indoor air clean. It’s environmentally sound and no second-pollution is produced. ALAP elevator air purifier can keep working or work in sync with the elevator.
The equipment is used for new installation or for elevator modernization.


elevator air disinfection purifierelevator air disinfection purifier

ALAP-F Elevator air purifier                                                                                                                      ALAP-N Elevator air purifier

ALCF ventilation fan with HEPA filter and UV disinfection

With HEPA filtration and UV-C disinfection technology, ALCF car air disinfection and purification fan is a combination of primary air filter, carbon air filter, and HEPA air filter and UV-C lamps. The car disinfection and purification cross-flow fan is used for elevator modernization or the replacement of old fans.

ALCP elevator cab purifier

Mounted on the elevator walls, the two-phase disinfection and purification elevator air purifier is designed for cabin air cleaning and air recycling within the elevator cars. With a Germanic coating filter and a wholly-enclosed UV photocatalyst bacteria-killing technology that can effectively kill viruses and bacteria. No passengers will be exposed to the UV-C radiation.

ALCP elevator cab air purifier is designed with a motion recognition sensor for automatically switching to the work model when a passenger enters the cabin. With the delayed shutdown function, the elevator air purifier will keep working for a period to keep a clean room environment for the next boarding.