AS870 air sterilizer with HEPA and UV-C

ضدعفونی کننده هوا AS870 با HEPA & ضد عفونی UVC

مدل: AS870

دستگاه ضدعفونی کننده هوای اتاق با کارایی بالا برای گردش هوای 360 درجه, تصفیه و عقیم سازی (مواد فیلتراسیون لیزوزیم وارداتی + HEPA, کلاس H13 + تکنولوژی UVC, طول موج کوتاه 253.7 نانومتر)

Filtration System: Primary filter (Large particle filtration) + HEPA (کلاس H13. Absorb aerosols and articles like PM0.3, PM2.5, PM10, PM50) + Active carbon filtration (Absorb gaseous pollutants such as Formaldehyde, TVOC). Pure-physical filtration, no pollution

ضد عفونی: Kill H1N1, مرس, سرخک, MRSA, بیماری سل, و غیره.

Disinfection efficacy: بیشتر از 99.99% میزان حذف در H1N1;

99.99% میزان مرگ و میر علیه اشریشیا کلی;

بر فراز 99.98% غیر فعال در برابر استافیلوکوکوس اورئوس

  1. More about the air sterilizer

    With fully-enclosed UV-C lamps, AS air purifier is designed for 360-degree room air purification and disinfection, و برای ساکنین انسان بی ضرر است. The robust and fully alloy case is environmentally safe and can effectively avoid any irradiation that will make it possible for a longer lifespan than similar products. It’s with high flexibility, with wheels design and low weight, that can be moved from one room to another conveniently. The AS air sterilizer can also be used for places and rooms where require fast and efficient air disinfection and purification, مانند اتاق های هیئت مدیره / جلسات / کنفرانس, کلاس های درس, باشگاه ها, نمایشگاه ها, سمینارها, اتاق های بیمار, فروشگاه های شاخص و غیره.

    Powered by the negative pressure external rotor volute centrifugal AC fan, with a low noise design, yet with constant and effective air flow rate without the need to increase motor speed, to provide you with the most comfort. Combined with the fully-imported lysozyme materials from Nikkei (Japan) and high-intensity short-wavelength UV light irradiation (253.7 نانومتر), which can effectively kill A-H1N1 coronavirus, MERS and common influenza virus. With a high-grade HEPA filtration system, the AS air sterilizer is one of the most excellent room air purification and sterilization equipment.




    Input (V/Hz)


    Power (دبلیو)

    130 دبلیو

    Noise Level (High Speed)

    <63 dB(A)

    Disinfection Element

    UV-C Lamps

    PM/Formaldehyde CADR

    897/396 m³/h

    Fan Speed


    Control Type

    Knob on one side

    Nominal Dimension (mm)

    470 * 280 * 1020 میلی متر

    Packaging Size (میلی متر)

    590 * 400 * 1200 میلی متر

    Net/Gross Weight (کیلوگرم)

    36 kg / 40 kg

    PM CCM


    Air Flow Rate


    Application Areas ()


    UV-C lamps/Filter lifespan (Laboratory Condition)