Although UV-C disinfection has been used in hospitals for a long time to reduce HAIs and kill bacteria and viruses, the pandemic has boosted the development of disinfection technology. In hospitals, airports, مدارس, shopping malls, even in subways and airplanes, you may find mobile UV-C disinfection systems or UVC disinfection robots are used for surface and air disinfection.

Other most-used disinfection equipment in hospitals included the pulsed Xenon UV disinfection system (PX-UV disinfection robot), the energy is thousands of times compared to the UV-C disinfection, and no ozone will be produced during the disinfection. دیگه چی, the disinfection distance can be up to 5 meters at a 99.99% (4-log) efficacy in 5 دقایق. And there’re reports that have verified the PX-UV disinfection system is effective to inactive COVID-19.

pulsed xenon UV robots-600x600


این Dry-fogging disinfection robot. The disinfection is achieved by diffusing nanoscale liquid beads to the disinfected areas. The mist can be called ‘dry mist’ due to droplet diameter ≤ 10μm. The dry mist will not settle or move randomly nor aggregate to larger droplets, instead, they will rebound when contacting the surface and will not rupture to wet the surface. The feature helps them to cover hard-to-reach areas. The dry-fogging disinfection robot is believed to be one of the safest disinfection methods, yet it’s much more effective than manual cleaning. Different from the UV-C disinfection, the radiation light is harmful to skins, the dry misting disinfection robot can work where there’re occupants in the rooms. While the UV-C disinfection system is mainly used in a room or enclosed spaces, the dry-fogging disinfection can be used in public areas and buildings.

uv robot sanitizer


Similar to the autonomous dry-misting disinfection robot, the دستگاه مه پاش سرد ULV قابل حمل برقی, ULV Sanitizer Machine is used to produce dry-fogging for space and surface disinfection as well.

What is a ULV fogger?
ULV (Ultra-low volume) fogger machine is designed to produce very small droplets, thus ensuring even coverage with low volumes. The atomization is adjustable, the spray volume can reach 400ML / min, and the size of the mist particles is less than 20 microns (0-50 microns adjustable)), which is an ideal atomizer to meet the requirements of ULV spraying.
This extremely small micron diameter ensures superior success in the disinfection application. Therefore, sprayed particles have a higher chance of coming in contact with and eliminating the virus


Electric ULV cold fogger machine

Electric ULV cold fogger machine

Among all the disinfection methods, the UV-C disinfection system has been widely developed during the pandemic. The stationary mobile UV-C disinfection robot and the autonomous UV-C disinfection robots can perform the disinfection plan automatically. Those devices are usually designed with radars and safety sensors to detect movements or humans, and the UV-C lamps (The germicidal disinfection lamps. Brands include Philips, Samsung and etc.) will shut off automatically to avoid people’s exposure to the harmful UV-C lights. Besides UV-C lamps, the UV-C led are used in many disinfection systems as well.

The 1240W (UV-C lamps power) سیستم ضد عفونی کننده اشعه ماوراء بنفش با قدرت بالا UVC موبایل is believed to be the most powerful UV-C disinfection system of similar products in the market. With 8X155W Philips germicidal UV-C lamps, the disinfection robot is designed for 360-degree disinfection to cover all directions. The system can finish the disinfection of a 90m2 room within 10 دقایق, and the disinfection efficacy can be as high as 4-log (99.99%). With a special coating design, the light reflectivity is up to 90%.

سیستم ضد عفونی UV-C با شدت بالا

سیستم ضد عفونی UV-C با شدت بالا

Besides the 360° sensors to shut down the system if any movement is detected, the system has provided 3+4 safety protection during the disinfection process. With an HD camera, the disinfection process is watchable. Visible indicator and warning buzzer beeps during the disinfection process make it more safety. The protection cover will be used to protect the UV-C lamps and the device after the disinfection.

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