Self-service Library UV Book Sterilizer Machine

آیا بازگشت به کتابخانه محلی من امن است؟?
آیا کتاب‌های کتابخانه از COVID-19 ایمن هستند؟?
نحوه ضدعفونی کردن کتاب ها در خانه?
How to disinfect paper documents, mail, parcel or notebook paper?
How do you deep clean books?
How to disinfect cell phone or toys?

The self-service UV book sanitizer machine is an easy and effective way to clean books and magazines and handle paper materials with the touch of a button. The new book sterilizer is especially helpful for libraries reopening and books circulation during the pandemic. The library book sanitizer and sterilization machine can sterilize 4-13 هر ماشین را در یک زمان در داخل کتاب می کند 30-60 ثانیه. With a built-in low noise air blower to realize cyclone automatic page-turning for inner pages and book cover disinfection and cleaning. The new UV-C book sterilizer and advertising machine is a new and helpful solution that allows your Library, School, Nursery, or Airport to sterilize and deodorize all kinds of personal belongings or non-collection materials( Such as headsets, audio guides, laptops, and tablets) while display notices and information as well.

Why you should use a library UV book sterilizer?

1. It’s safe. With anti-UV tempered glass that can watch the sterilization process directly. The open-door power-off protection can avoid any UV exposure
2) Independent testing reports with up to 99.99% اثر ضد عفونی. You don’t have to wait 24 یا 96 hours of quarantine time. The book sterilizer can be used for personal belongings or as many as 13 books disinfection in as less as 30-60 ثانیه
3) With password protection to avoid any unauthorized operation.

همچنین خوب است بدانید:
1) Surface and objects around the home and workplace must be regularly disinfected during the pandemic… light switches; door handles or knobs.
2) If necessary, the library staff should wear gloves when handling paper materials
3) No wet materials