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UV Charging Station-Laptop/Notebooks/iPad Charging Trolley

شارژ, ضد عفونی, فروشگاه, امن و همگام سازی داده تا 16-64 دستگاه ها. No installation and one-touch operation. 8S Multi-stage safety protection.

مدل: USB type (USB16-100 ports), AC type (AC20/40/60 ports) and VR type (VR10/30/60 ports)

Applications: Laptop charging trolleys, Laptop charging stations, iPad charging station, Laptop/Notebooks charging cart

360-degree surface disinfection, compatible with multiple protocols to recognize terminal equipment intelligently. The iPad charging cart can adjust the charging current intelligently for fast charging. With a unified device management system to realize data synchronization and application distribution. The UV charging cart features an anti-theft and anti-collision design and automatic temperature control inside the UV charging station to protect the devices.

  • Highlights – ایستگاه شارژ UV
uv charging station

UV charging station-iPad charging cart

What is an iPad charging cart?

The iPad charging carts are mobile or trolley storage containers with USB charging ports to organize and charge iPad, tablets and etc. The cooling blowers can help to keep a stable internal temperature. The number of charging ports is different for up to 12/24/48/64/100 devices charging at the same time. The new UV charging cart can realize storage, surface disinfection, charging and data synchronous in one machine.

1) Ipad charging station for multiple devices, for schools 10/20/30 Ipads, and is up to 100 دستگاه ها. The UV charging station avoids the clutter of charging cables and any risks, and for orderly charging.

2) Ipad trolly design and ergonomic handles to improve the using experience, and for easy movement. Ultra-quiet brake swivel wheel, 360° free rotation. External anti-collision design to prevent equipment and personnel from bumping.

3) Ipad charging trolley with one-button start/disconnect power/sterilization (UV light) function. The disinfection process will stop automatically after the disinfection (25 دقایق). With a mechanical lock to secure the devices. The USB charging port is equipped with LED indicator. Red light: charging status; green light: fully charged/device not connected

4) Ipad charging cart with multiple protocol identification functions can identify the type of charging device and detect the current required by the device to match the device current to protect the battery and prevent overcharging.

5) Plug-in and easy to use, no installation required.

6) Intelligent temperature control system with ultra-quiet fan for constant temperature control(30±8℃). The smart chip automatically adjusts the charging current for different terminals for fast charging and is compatible with 99% of digital devices.

7) The iPad charging station can realize unified device management. Optional data synchronization management system to realize one-key management of 16/32/48/64-bit devices. The system can realize unified platform management such as application installation, application writing, file distribution, file recycling, one-key shutdown, device brand, battery percentage display, و غیره.

8) The solid and impact resistance powder-coating cold-rolled steel plate cabinet is environmentally friendly and can protect the devices at large.

uv light charging station

uv light charging station

ipad storage charging cabinet

ipad iphone charging station

  • Main Feature – ایستگاه شارژ UV

1. UV light charging station with built-in UV-C ultraviolet germicidal lamp, for 360-degree safe disinfection. The disinfection process will stop automatically in 25 دقایق. UV-C lamp lifespan is up to 5000h.

2. Built-in AC socket (AC charging cabinet) or USB 5V2.4A DC charging port (For iPad charging cart) and with data cable and chips that can identify the required current for each device. The UV charging station is with LED charging status indicators. Red light: charging status, green light: full/unconnected, and has a corresponding digital serial number.

3. The UV charging cabinet is designed with one-touch power/disinfection buttons and status indicators (Up to 15A large current). The cooling fan will turn on/off automatically to adjust and keep a stable room temperature of the iPad charging station or the tablet charge cart.

4. Both the ipad charging cart and the laptop/tablet charge cart are with integrated door design with an anti-theft mechanical lock. Fire-proof ABS partition (2.8mm thickness), and with a power control area on the side for easy management

5. For our UV charging stations or the iPad and iPhone charging station, the Intelligent IC chip can identify and distribute the required current intelligently. With overcurrent, overload, short circuit, and leakage protection for each channel.

6. 8S safety protection. The ipad charging station and laptop charge cart with 110-240V wide input voltage can be used in most countries in the world. With active PEC energy-saving switch and multiple safety protection. 1) Lightning protection 2) Surge protection 3) Overload protection 4) Electric leakage protection 5) Isolation protection 6) Over current protection 7)Over voltage protection 8) Short circuit protection 9) Overcharge protection 10) Irrigation protection

7. Data synchronization/distribution system(Optional). The intelligent management system can be used to install and uninstall APP in batches with one key, support intelligent management and control such as file distribution, file deletion, one-key shutdown, etc., monitor the real-time charging status and power of the device, و غیره. (optional).

Other Structure:

1. The top of the ipad charging cabinet is in curvation, with ABS engineering handles on both sides. With soft plastic anti-collision corners at the bottom of the UV charging station. The device is equipped with 4 pcs of 3-inch natural rubber silent casters with brakes, 105mm in height.

2. Anti-static and anti-scratch case design. An intelligent cooling system(silent fan)will work automatically when the temperature reaches 28℃ and will stop when it reaches the setting temperature. The front door panel and the side panel are provided with convection holes for ventilation and heat dissipation.

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UV Charging Cart