In this article, we will talk about infection control and prevention in elevator cars with an elevator air purifier.

  1. What is an elevator air purifier?
  2. How does an elevator air purifier work? Do we really need an air purifier for elevator cars?
  3. How to choose the right elevator air purifier for my property?
  4. How to install the elevator air purifier?
  5. What needs to do for the maintenance of the elevator air purifier?

All You Need to Know About Elevator Air Purifier

What is an elevator air purifier?

The elevator air purifier also calls an elevator car air sanitizer. It’s part of the elevator air purification, disinfection and ventilation system. Usually, the elevator air purifier will be designed with filters (Dust filter, Cabon filter, Nano Tio2 filters. Some units even designed with HEPA filter for better performance) for air purification. Some elevator air purifiers are supplied with fans for ventilation/ air circulation purposes as well. Fully-enclosed UV-C lamps are usually used for disinfection purposes.

While some elevator air purifiers are installed on the elevator car top, some manufacturers are supplying small size air purifier for elevator car wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted purification.

How does an elevator air purifier work? Do we really need an air purifier for elevator cars?

Installed on the elevator car top, it’s safe and no side effects on human bodies. The ALAP elevator car air purifier is designed for circulation air filtration, disinfection and ventilation. It’s effective for infection control and prevention.

As people love elevators, we take elevators every day. 3-4 times on average every day. We’ve heard many infection cases within this narrow space. The elevator air purifier can effectively eliminate cross-infection caused by breathing and sneezing of personnel.

How to choose the right elevator air purifier for my property?

When choosing air purifier for elevator cars, it’s important to take care of the size, cabinet capacity and application environment. Anyway, we have to increase the rates for cycle air purification, such as to filter 100% of the air in a typical elevator cabinet 15-20 times per hour or more. It’s important for the elevator car air purifier to be designed for continuous operation.

Take ALAP-18F elevator air purifier for instance, the weight is only 13.5kgs, the airflow rates is around 330m³/h. It’s available for elevator cabs with a loading capacity of less than 1350kgs. For 1350-2000kgs capacity, the ALAP-36F will be needed.

ALAP elevator air purifier is designed with auto dust-removal function. This will help to keep a high performance for 7*24 hours operation. Juga, there’s a control panel to indicate the status of the filters, UV-C lamps and error alarm. It’s controlled by a programmable remote controller.

How to install the elevator air purifier?

The installation is easy. It will take 1 worker 40-50 minutes for the installation and commissioning.

① Determine the air supply/outlet hole (Dimension: around 380*50mm)of the purifier. It is recommended to use the original fan hole on the elevator. When installing the purifier, remove the original fan, align the air outlet of the purifier with the fan port on the car top, and fix the purifier on the car roof with screws. The elevator air purifier needs to be stably installed to avoid vibration while operating. Use/Stick the Heat Insulation Sponge (We have supplied this for easy installation) whenever it’s necessary.
② Determine the air return hole of the purifier. You can use the original fan air outlet on the elevator or open a new rectangular hole as the return air hole. Fix the return air hood, and then connect it to the elevator air purifier with an air duct.
③ Put the remote control receiving probe and display panel of the purifier into the elevator car through the air supply hole. Stick it on the elevator car and connect it to the electricity.
④ Turn on/off the elevator air purifier with the remote controller or set the timing switch on/off time based on your requirement, and the elevator air purifier will be auto-operation based on the setting.

What needs to do for the maintenance of the elevator air purifier?

For best performance, the filters need to be cleaned or replaced after a period of time. The active carbon or medium/high-efficiency filters usually needs to be changed every 3-6 months. The UV-C lamps can be replaced after 5000 hours.

ultraviolet light for elevators
elevator uv sterilizer

Keep elevators clean with UV disinfectionUV-C disinfection light for elevators

Ultraviolet light for elevatorsCatalog

Ultraviolet light for elevatorsDisinfection Efficacy Test Report


The ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT FOR ELEVATORS is available for new installation elevators or the renovation of existing elevators or lifts.

UV-C germicidal lamp with 253.7nm wavelength, the disinfection efficacy is up to 99%

The lampshade will open and the lamps will automatically turn on for 30 minutes of disinfection when receiving the elevator signal. The lamps will turn off and the lampshade will be closed automatically when someone uses the elevator. When passengers leave, it will restart the disinfection process.

The lamp system is designed with an infrared biometric recognition system to shut off (or switch on when people left)automatically when it detects humans or other living things. On-time on/off settings. With voice reminder function. Voice reminder for the people who accidentally enter the elevator or room when the elevator or room is in the disinfection

Interface: Elevator idle signal interface or dry contact digital.

bersertifikat CE.


Power200-240 V
UV lamp power20 W
Total size851*72*56(mm)
UV lamp life8000 hours
UV intensity90.2 uw/cm²
Antivirus range20
Human detection distance3~6 meters
weight3.5 kg

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