Studies have shown the possible transfer of the COVID-19 virus via collection materials from an infected person’s mouth or nose in small liquid particles when they cough, sneeze. And customers and patrons are apt to be infected by touching the surfaces that have been contaminated by the virus when touching their eyes, nose or mouth without cleaning their hands.

The question comesHow to disinfect books and keep patrons safe? Especially old or used books? Although up to 24 hours or even longer Quarantine is believed to be helpful to disinfect books, the virus could linger on different types of paper and plastic for up to 4 days or longer if the items are left in stacked methods. This usually happens in the library, especially for some large public or University libraries. Também, for some libraries, books circulation on a fast way that you don’t have enough time for the Quarantine. Many libraries usually will be closed half a day each week, which makes the Quarantine methods not available. Of course, there’re other ways for the book disinfection, most of them are not recommended. In this article, we will discuss the library book sanitizer machinethe UV book sanitizer device for both the inner pages and cover page disinfection.

What is a esterilizador de livro?

O esterilizador de livros é uma máquina de desinfecção de livros self-service que usa luzes UV-C para desinfetar livros antigos/usados ​​na biblioteca. Com um ventilador de ar embutido e alta pressão de ar e material interno de alumínio, o dispositivo pode realizar a desinfecção de livros em 360 graus. O esterilizador de livros é muito útil para reaberturas de bibliotecas, book circulations and partons safe during the pandemic. A máquina esterilizadora de livros de biblioteca é uma maneira não tóxica de desinfecção e limpeza de livros.

máquina de desinfetante de livros de biblioteca

máquina de desinfetante de livros de biblioteca

Alphatch can provide 4 models of UV book sterilizer machine, with the disinfection volume for 4-13 desinfecção de livros. You may wonder that is it necessary to get a book sterilizer machine or more for your library, why cannot I use the UV-C lamps instead? In fact, both work the same way. The disinfection principle is easy as both use UV-C sterilization rays to inactivate DNA, RNA, and virus inactive. And UV-C lamp has long been used in hospitals or classrooms for Surface or air room air disinfection when the space is under unoccupied mode. The reason why you should use the UV book sterilizer rather than the UV-C lamp is that the standard UV-C lamps can be only used for book surface/cover page disinfection. And this is one of the reasons that UV-C lamps are not recommended either.

Biblioteca UV esterilizador de livro para 4 desinfecção de livros

Biblioteca UV esterilizador de livro para 4 desinfecção de livros

The development of the book sterilizer machine can solve this issue very well. With the built-in air blower, high-speed air circulation can not only removes dust but also ensure the book pages are open so UV light can be used to disinfect the inner pages. With at least 4 UV-C lamps for each device (Based on different models), and the Aluminum internal surfaces will help the reflection of the UV-C lights for 360-degree disinfection. There’re dust filters or electrostatic air filters that will collect the fine dust particles. And the filter can be air blown cleaned every 6 months.

The book sterilizer machine is considered a much more safe and high-efficiency device for libraries. Why?

The enclosed sterilization room enables high-intensity UV Irradiation. For example, for our 401 books sterilizer, 4 groups of UV-C lamps are installed. For our AHLD-501/601 device, 4 groups of UV-C lamps are installed for each sterilization room, a total of 8 grupos de lâmpadas UV-C. With the reflection of the Aluminum material, each disinfection process can be finished in less than 30 segundos.

Any exposure under UV-C lights is harmful. The UV book sterilizer machine uses the anti-UV tempered glass&visual window, which is resistant to external forces and UV-C lights irradiation. The disinfection process and inner pages turns can be watched through the tempered window.

Open-door protection function: During the sterilization process, the UV-C lamps will shut off immediately when the door is suddenly open.

Touch screen operation and password protection: With easy (Plug in. No installation is needed) and one-touch operation, you can start the sterilization process. Também, the password protection function is added to avoid any unauthorized operation. And by inputting the password, you can change all the default settings.

Friendly reminder:

1) Although the UV book sanitizer is an effective means of sterilizing non-collections materials (such as headsets, guias de áudio, laptops, and tablets.) and books, it should be noted that UV exposure poses serious risks to human health, including cataracts and skin cancer. Do not shine UV lamps on your skin or eyes. Também, for rare books or archives, the UV-C lights or UV book sterilizer are not recommended.

  • Which book sterilizer should I choose? And what’s the book sterilizer price for each model?
máquina de desinfetante de livros de biblioteca

library UV book sanitizer machine

It’s based on your budget and requirements. Our AHLD-501 and AHLD-601 is for 5-8 desinfecção de livros. And our AHLD-13S is for as many as 13 books or magazines disinfection.

If you have a tight budget or for home use, or you want to check the performance, then you may be interested in our AHLD-401 book sterilizer. It’s designed for 4 desinfecção de livros, with smaller size and light-weight to save the shipping costs. It’s the most economic model of similar products in the market.



And book sterilizer price for bulk orders is always good than small quantities as additional discounts are available.

  • I want to be a distributor of your UV book sterilizer machine? What should we do?

    library books for 13 desinfecção de livros

    Library books for 13 desinfecção de livros

We’re always glad to work with local customers to help extend their business and local markets. And we believe to cooperate with local companies can provide better service for our end-users. If you’re interested in any cooperation or you are willing to discuss some business cooperation, please send us an email via [email protected] Our staff will get back to you soon.

  • Can you provide OEM service? I want to use my own brands.

Sim. OEM service with your own brands is doable. No entanto, for regular customers or large orders only. For small orders, please check with us.

  • Can you provide door-to-door delivery? How long will it take?

The standard production time for our book sterilizer is 2-3 weeks (Please always check with us before placing orders). We can provide door-to-door shipping by sea or by air or couriers like DHL/FedEx/UPS. The standard delivery time is 7-10 days based on different countries. Case by case.