UVD robot

Робот УФ-дезинфекции

Модель: АХУВ-Рс

С 8 группы коротковолновых УФ-ламп, Робот UVD обеспечивает высокоинтенсивную дезинфекцию помещения на 360 градусов, что исключает человеческий фактор. Like our UVC and Dry Fog Disinfection robot, Робот AHUV-Rs UVD предназначен для регулярной уборки с целью предотвращения и контроля инфекций в больницах и других помещениях., и получать доход. And it takes less.

UVD robot

With the detection sensor and emergency stop button, the UVD (UV Disinfection) робот (120-240V/2A Charging Pile Input) is a safe and effective autonomous mobile solution for air and surface disinfection. С 8 группы, 40W each, short-wavelength UV-C lamps, the UVD robot can produce high-intensity UV irradiation to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious microorganisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA structure.

The UVD robot is pre-fitted in our factory, and it’s easy to install and operate.

UVC Parameters of the UV Disinfection Robot:

Lamp Wattage: 40W*8

Wave Length: 253.7нм

Output(25, 100hs, Base Up): 145μW/cm²

Lifetime(30s On/150s Off):>10000h

Макс. Starting Time: 10s

Time to Reach 90% UV Output: 100s

Temperature Range to Reach 90% UV Output: -10~45℃

Operating Temperature: -10~60℃

Safety Requirement: ICE61195.1999

Testing Standard: CE and FCC (Under Application)

Макс. Allowed Cap Temperature: 120

Navigation and Movement of the UVD Robot:

Макс. Scanning Radius: 25m with 6 groups of Ultrasonic Sensors and 3 Anti-drop Sensors

Макс. Detection Range:40см

Min. Detection Depth: 5см


0.7m/s speed and Max. 5-degree angle

Power Supply and Battery of the UVD robot:

AC120-240V/2A (Charging Pile Input) and 25.2V/10A (Макс. Charging Pile output)


Lithium Battery (40AH/24V)

Standby Time(Approx.): 12h

Work Time(Approx.): 5h

Dimension: 54*54*130cm/50kgs

The UVD robot is with a wide application, for hospitals, offices, hotels and other areas.