UVD robot

UV Disinfection Robot

Model: AHUV-Rs

With 8 groups of short-wavelength UVC lamps, the UVD robot provides a 360-degree high-intensity room disinfection option to eliminate human error. Like our UVC and Dry Fog Disinfection robot, AHUV-Rs UVD robot is designed for regular cleaning routine to prevent and control infection in hospitals and other areas, and generate revenues. And it takes less.

UVD robot

With the detection sensor and emergency stop button, the UVD (UV Disinfection) robot (120-240V/2A Charging Pile Input) is a safe and effective autonomous mobile solution for air and surface disinfection. With 8 groups, 40W each, and short-wavelength UV-C lamps, the UVD robot can produce high-intensity UV irradiation to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious microorganisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA structure.

The UVD robot is pre-fitted in our factory, and it’s easy to install and operate.

UVC Parameters of the UV Disinfection Robot:

Lamp Wattage: 40W*8

Wave Length: 253.7nm

Output(25℃, 100hs, Base Up): 145μW/cm²

Lifetime(30s On/150s Off):>10000h

Max. Starting Time: 10s

Time to Reach 90% UV Output: 100s

Temperature Range to Reach 90% UV Output: -10~45℃

Operating Temperature: -10~60℃

Safety Requirement: ICE61195.1999

Testing Standard: CE and FCC (Under Application)

Max. Allowed Cap Temperature: 120℃

Navigation and Movement of the UVD Robot:

Max. Scanning Radius: 25m with 6 groups of Ultrasonic Sensors and 3 Anti-drop Sensors

Max. Detection Range:40cm

Min. Detection Depth: 5cm


0.7m/s speed and Max. 5-degree angle

Power Supply and Battery of the UVD robot:

AC120-240V/2A (Charging Pile Input) and 25.2V/10A (Max. Charging Pile output)


Lithium Battery (40AH/24V)

Standby Time(Approx.): 12h

Work Time(Approx.): 5h

Dimension: 54*54*130cm/50kgs
The UVD robot is with a wide application, for hospitals, offices, hotels and other areas.