UV Book Sanitizer And Sterilization Machine to Keep Books Germ-Free

The self-service UV book sanitizer machine is an easy and effective way to clean books and magazines, and handling paper materials with the touch of a button, especially helpful for libraries reopening and books circulation. The library book sanitizer and sterilization machine can sterilize 1-13 books each machine at a time within 30-60 seconds. With cyclone automatic page-turning for inner pages and book cover disinfection and cleaning, the UV-C book sterilizer is a new and helpful solution that allows your Library, School, Nursery or Airport to sterilize and deodorize all kinds of personal belongs (cell phone, books, purse, mouse, keyboards and etc.)

Whole Room Disinfection Solution In Hospital – Infection Control and Prevention, and Reduce HAIs

A safer and effective comprehensive whole-room disinfection solution for the reduction of healthcare-associated Infections/pathogens in hospital rooms.


HEPA air purifier with UV-C technology to improve occupational health.Air purifier and air sterilizer with fully enclosed UV-C LEDs or UV-C lamps and HEPA (H13) filter for 360-degree air purification and sterilization to improve indoor air quality. For fast and high-grade air disinfection and purification, such as the board/meeting/conference rooms, classrooms, clubs, exhibitions, seminars, patient rooms, flagship stores and etc. OEM and ODM service are available.

Large Space Air and Surface Disinfection- Mobile UV Room Sanitizer/sterilizer And UV Disinfection Robots

The High-intensity UV-C disinfection system and dry fog UV disinfection robots can be used for surface and air disinfection, it can be easily moved from room to room for areas that are concerned about microbes and contamination by harmful pathogens. The mobile UV cleaner and the dry fog and UV light Disinfection robot is an ideal disinfection option for large area space. It’s effective for infection control and prevention.