Library UV book sterilizer for 6-8 books disinfection


Model: AHLD-601 (For 6 books disinfection in 30 seconds)

AHLD-601 book sterilizer machine can be used for 6 books disinfection each machine at a time in 30 seconds. With high-intensity short-wavelength UV irradiation for both the book cover and inner pages disinfection, it’s an effective and cost-effective option for paper material disinfection. It’s easy to use and the disinfection time is adjustable.

Alphatch can provide OEM service, and the book sterilizer can be branded with your brands or the Universities’ logos as well.

The Upgraded book sterilizer is with a touch screen and password protection to access the settings to avoid any unauthorized operation. 

No wet material.

  • AHLD-601 Book Sterilizer Parameters

How to disinfect books? With the library book sanitizer machine, a 24 or 96 hours book quarantine is not necessary. The book sterilizer provides a faster and more effective way of collection materials or books non-toxic sterilization methods ( for 4/5/6/8/13 books disinfection) that can be finished in as little as 30 seconds.

Its unique system uses UV-C rays to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, and a fan to remove hair, dust, and other particles that might have fallen between the pages of a public library book. The built-in air blower can produce high-pressure air that can keep the book pages open to realize 360-degree disinfection for both the surface and inner pages. Alphatch book sterilizer offers easy, no installation and plug-in and one-button disinfection operation.

The book sterilizer works when an item such as a library book is placed on the book holder and the tempered glass door is closed securely. Once the “on” button is pressed, a fan begins to blow, thus removing foreign particles from the pages of the book. A UV-C lamp radiates a 253.7 wavelength to disinfect and will stop automatically if the door opens during the disinfection process. The UV book sanitizer machine uses an internal circulation system so that there is no risk of dust from outside air being forced into the system, which also extends the life of the unit’s filter.




Dimensions (W * D * H)



(Sterilization room size: 610*545*630)




Disinfection Method

UV-C lamps

UV-C lamps

Disinfection Volume

AHLD-501: 5 books; AHLD-601: 6 books

13 books

Door Material

Anti-UV tempered glass

Anti-UV tempered glass and 10-inch information display

Body Material

Aluminum and Steel

Aluminum and Steel

UV-C Lamps Numbers

8 groups

H type (36W for each group): 6 groups.

Disinfection Time

30-60 seconds. 10-600 seconds adjustable

30-60 seconds. 10-600 seconds adjustable

Power Consumption



Power Supply

220-240V/50-60Hz; 110V is optional.

220-240V/50-60Hz; 110V is optional.


AHLD-501: White and black; AHLD-601: White

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Download:  Alphatch Library UV Book Sterilizer Catalog

  • How to Disinfect Old Books?

The book sanitizer is easy operation, and the sterilization time can be adjusted.

  1. Open the door of the sterilization room
  2. Open books and divide it into 2 parts
  3.  Put the book on the vertical or horizontal holders and close the door
  4. Press the “UV” button on the touch screen to shart the disinfection process
  5. Once finished, the lamps will be turned off. Open the door to take the books
library book sanitizer machine

library UV book sanitizer machine

Do not try to open the doors during the sterilization process. The book sterilizer will cut off the power and the UV-C lamps will be turned off automatically when the door is suddenly open during the sterilization process.

  • What makes AHLD Book Sterilizer Different?

Compared with other book sterilizers, we have many innovations:

  • Modular design Aluminum and steel case will make it easy replacement of the case after a long time of usage and add value to your property.
  • Also, the Aluminum material will increase the light reflection for 360-degree book sterilization.
  • Different from other book sterilizers, the AHLD book sterilizer is supplied with a deodorizing device to remove the musty smell and odor of the book.
  • Open door protection: The power of the book sanitizer will be automatically cut off and the UV-C lamps will be turned off to avoid any UV radiation when the door is improper/suddenly open.

There’re plenty of book sanitizer suppliers, but, as you can see, we’re the