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Autonomous Mobile Dry Fogging Disinfection Robot

Model: AHUS-R

(CE & FCC SDoC tested and certified. Rating: DC 24V, AC 120V/60Hz)

With dry fog disinfection spraying nozzles, HD Cameras for dual-light infrared thermal imager and human temperature measurement, and short wavelength UV lamps, AHUS-R sterilization dry fogging robot is the only disinfection solution capable of locating and positioning itself in the room.

The dry fogging disinfection robot is a safe and reliable whole-room disinfection solution for unoccupied spaces that can eliminate human errors, which is widely used for hospital or public space air disinfection.

A single AHUS-R dry fogging robot can be used to disinfect up to 1500m³ areas.

  • Introduction of Dry-fogging Disinfection Robot

Alphatch dry fogging disinfection machine can atomize a variety of disinfectants into super dry mist and disperse to disinfection area in high-speed airflow. With autonomous navigation, the dry fog system can obstacle avoidance and move to the disinfection areas for 360-degree disinfection. It could also support iPad control for quick and central disinfection.

Dry-fog UV disinfection robots

The dry misting disinfection system is used as part of the regular cleaning cycle, and aims at preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases, virus, bacteria.

  • Size: 110 x 54 x 54 cm
  • Height after lifting: 150cm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Movement: autonomous path planning (<=25,000 )
  • Speed: 0.3~0.7m/s
  • Disinfection efficiency: 1000m³/15 min
  • Duration time: 5~ 6 hours fully charged
  • Particle size sprayed: ≤ 10μm
  • Spray rate: 2L/h ~ 5L/h
  • Disinfection level: high efficiency, 6 log level
  • Load capacity: 16L

How’s the Dry misting robot’s dual-light infrared thermal scanning, imaging, and temperature measurement system work?

The system consists of a dual-light infrared thermal imager, misting nozzles, and PC integration, which can effectively identify the temperature of the human body temperature distribution interval. It’s especially suitable for crowd and individual body temperature screening. Combining with AI algorithm to do portrait recognition and tracking to locate individual faces in the camera. Then the system can calculate the temperature of the face (mostly forehead) in combination with the infrared temperature lattice. When people are wearing masks, the system can position and detect the forehead temperature.

Combining AI core algorithms to realize the recognition and tracking of portraits, and save the face and temperature in the cloud, support high-temperature alarm and multi-machine screen monitoring, and the temperature measurement error is ±0.3℃ for 0.8-2 meters detection, ensuring that it will not be in the case of large passenger flow There are false positives and under-reports.

High-risk personal locking, and manual remote monitoring. Suitable for public places such as airports, exhibitions, hospitals, stations, museums, and other Crowed areas.

  • Video Demo

AHUS-R UVD robots

UVD Robots Presentation and How It Works

  • Highlights of the Dry-fogging Robot


  • Strong sterilization capabilities and a wide bactericidal range
  • Multi-angle 360° spray with auto-lifting nozzles
  • Ultra dry  disinfectant spray 6 log dispersion with full coverage
  • Fast disinfection and large working space: 1000m³/15 min


  • To use the task configuration tool to configure task time
  • The route, content, move frequency, task planning, etc
  • One-button remote control or timer disinfection
  • Task logs are automatically saved; autonomous navigation
  • Obstacle avoidance and smooth movement, and autonomous charging


  • Ultra-dry disinfectant atomization with no residue 
  • Human-machine separation reduces personnel contact during the disinfection
  • How Does the Dry Fogging System Work

nano UVD robot

How’s the Sterilization Dry Fog Spraying Robot Works?

The disinfection is achieved by diffusing nanoscale liquid beads to the disinfected areas. The mist can be called ‘dry mist’ due to droplet diameter ≤ 10μm. The dry mist will not settle or move randomly nor aggregate to larger droplets, instead, they will rebound when contacting the surface and will not rupture to wet the surface. The feature helps them to cover hard-to-reach areas.

  • Applications and User References

The main application for the sterilization dry fogging disinfection robot is hospital disinfection, service hall, laboratory, airport, school, workshop, food company, hotel, metro and exhibition halls.

UV Disinfection Robots

UVD Robots Application