About us

About us

Whole Room Disinfection Solution Provider – Raising The Standard For Room Disinfection

Alphatch strives to bring together and provide a professional and complete range of total room disinfection solutions and services at all levels of medical institutions and public health on a cost-effective basis. As we expand our base and widen our application and product database, our application effectiveness grows, and with it our capability to provide superior solutions to better service our customers.

Our product lines include:

  • Portable pulsed xenon disinfection robot/system, PX-UV room disinfection chamber, upper-room/space germicidal ultraviolet UVGI) systems for infection control and prevention and HAIs reduction.
  • Library UV book sanitizer machine and book sterilizer for books disinfection and paper material handling to help libraries reopen and books circulation
  • UV Charging Station – The iPad charging trolley is for Charge, Disinfection, Store, Secure and Data Sync up to 16-64 devices.
  • Dry-fogging robots, electric ULV cold fogger machine and high-intensity UV-C disinfection robots (Up to 1240W Irradiation for surface and air disinfection
  • True HEPA filter air purifier with UV light sanitizer to improve occupational health. Air purifier and air sterilizer with fully enclosed UV-C LEDs or UV-C lamps and HEPA (H13) filter for 360-degree air purification and sterilization to improve indoor air quality.

A safer, more flexible and more effective disinfection option.

As a part of our Business Model, we provide representation for manufactured products and firms and Business Development programs with Marketing and Sales Networks, additionally facilitating the business with testing and marking services to make sure the products can meet local standards and regulations, reduce the purchasing risks and enhance customer confidence. Also, we can provide sourcing services for our customers to benefit us all.

Why you should work with us?

1)  Make sure all the products supplied can meet your local standards and regulations
2)  Always back up with our professionalized Hidden Treasures, both for pricing and aftersales service
3)  Door to Door service for regular and new entries.
4)Related products sourcing service

Our Vision

Staying safe at home, hospital, library, and work! Anytime and Anywhere with Alphatch.


Library UV book sterilizer for 4 books disinfection
High-intensity UV-C disinfection system
UV Book sterilization room
book sterilization machine
elevator air disinfection purifier
UV book sterilizer

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